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  • 3 Tips for Living With Autism

    3 Tips for Living With Autism Living with autism is by no means easy, but there are some simple changes you can implement that can make a big difference. In 1994 one in 10,000 children were diagnosed with autism, while today studies put that number at around one in eighty-eight. With such a jump in the number of cases, more and more people are asking for a...

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  • What is a Memory Loss Test?

    What is a Memory Loss Test? A memory loss test evaluates a number of areas associated with the phenomenon, including physical and cognitive damage. Memory loss tests can help shed light on the potential causes of memory loss. It can also aid doctors in developing an appropriate and effective course of treatment. Purpose of Memory Loss Tests A memory loss...

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  • How to Fight Back Against Sudden Memory Loss

     How to Fight Back Against Sudden Memory Loss There are a number of treatment methods for sudden memory loss, and it is important to explore all the options available in order to find the right course of action for you. Memory loss has multiple causes including natural aging, trauma, medications, infections, drug or alcohol abuse, and a number of chronic ...

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  • A Brief History of PTSD

     A Brief History of PTSD The history of PTSD is complicated, and we are truly still discovering and understanding the full effects of the disease. It’s a relatively new term for a condition that has impacted soldiers for thousands of years. Symptoms demonstrative of the deteriorating psychological effects of PTSD have ...

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