• What Are Some Natural Cures for Insomnia?

    What Are Some Natural Cures for Insomnia? When looking at natural cures for insomnia, there are some surprisingly effective and easy treatment options available. Many people with insomnia worry that only heavy medications like sleeping pills and prescription SSRI’s can offer them relief. However, there are actually a number of natural remedies that have b...

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  • Exploring Biofeedback for Anxiety Sufferers

    Exploring Biofeedback for Anxiety Sufferers Anti-anxiety medications come with many adverse side effects, but biofeedback for anxiety offers a natural and noninvasive treatment option. Before you decide to start a prescription medication, you should explore all the available options. This will allow you to determine the best course of action for your body,...

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  • What ADHD Research Can Tell Us

    Dispelling the Myths: The Latest ADHD Research ADHD research from the Mayo Clinic and Boston Children’s hospital recently confirmed some important news that can help clear up a lot of commonly held myths and misconceptions about Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. Here are the top four myths people with the disorder hear on a regular basis – and...

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  • Straight Answers about Biofeedback EMG Therapy

    The Lowdown on Biofeedback EMG If you are suffering from a stress-related condition or an affliction involving your involuntary muscle reactions, you have probably done plenty of homework on therapies that can help you get your life back to normal. There is a lot of conflicting information out there, so getting the solid lowdown about one of the safest and...

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  • Can BrainCore Therapy Treat Post Stroke Syndrome?

    What is Post Stroke Syndrome? Central Post Stroke Pain Syndrome, also called CPSP or simply Post Stroke Syndrome, is an excruciating and debilitating condition, one BrainCore Therapy is determined to defeat. Post Stroke Syndrome is extremely difficult to treat because it can take many forms and we are still in the process of learning about it. Generally, t...

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